Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Apk Download

Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Apk Download


Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Apk Download:


Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Apk Download.

Times of fasting and prayer.

The Ramadan 21 2021 app includes prayer times, danger, Ramadan schedule, 99 names of the most great Allah, Surah Al-Quran, Qibla Guide, and Tasbeeh around the world.

Ramzan Mubarak 2021 Apk Download

This application is valid for use in all countries.

The time of prayer and the month of Ramadan depend on your state or city
You can search for states or cities in a specific country.

Ramadan 2021 anytime from aladhan.com
All audio of the surah was collected from tawhidsot.com and github.com/semarketir
If you properly install and maintain the application settings, you can take it offline for up to a year.

If you do not want to change your state or city, you will need to change the application settings.


The best feature of the application works:
Prayer time:

Indicate the times of the five daily prayers at Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, maghrib and Aisha.

A pop-up window to apply prayer times later.

Receive prayer time application or fixed time application on the main screen of prayer time system today.


Ramadan time:

The whole day of Ramadan.
The Ramadan Calendar app is a daily fresh market sign and you can see the top screen and pop up and see the time of the next day and the last day of Ramadan.


Alaram Warning:

The sound of prayer with the passage of time. Let me know your salt time each day.
You can change the alarm time if you wish. Saying the daily alarm time.


Quran Surats:

Audio with Quran – Surah This is the first Quran.
You can turn on the sound and move on.

Qibla Compass:

Turn the Islamic Compass degrees into your heavy position.

You can point to the Qaba using the Qibla Compass.

Find the direction of Mecca from every part of the world.


You can use the Tasbih count,  calculation by pressing the button.


Names of Allah:

Allah names,  the most beautiful in English.

The Holy Quran:

114 Quran with audio
Quran with Arabic voice.


Islamic background:

You can get free islamic wallpapers for free.


So let’s enjoy it now.


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