PickRingStop Lift To Silence Ringtone Apk

PickRingStop Lift To Silence Ringtone Apk


PickRingStop Lift To Silence Ringtone Apk Download:


PickRingStop Lift To Silence Ringtone Apk

Pick up or power your phone to ring the next bell.

PickRingStop Lift To Silence Ringtone Apk This app may not work properly on Lollipop (Android 5.x) devices if not working properly.


When you select your device from a specific location, for example from Schedule, the app lowers the following warning. You can also enable ringtone silence on telephone waves.


The app uses accelerometer readings to detect wave movement, detect upward movement and read proximity sensors.

It is recommended to change the “Sensitivity setting” if necessary. No service runs permanently, so no battery is used in this app.




Allows detection of incoming calls. Alarm details are not stored in the app.

Do not disturb access:

Ringtone volume must be changed when the phone is in DND mode.

Internet access:

Use only to show ads.

Silent voices,
These are the bells of silent sounds and the sound of trumpets.


Ringtones can be arranged individually from notes, alarms and address books.


“How to Ringtone and Ringtone Alarm Beat” is a ringtone app with around 10 types of silent sounds.

The alarm sound or alarm sound and alarm clock as well as the ringtone setting can be adjusted individually.

The voice of a particular person can also be changed and customized individually.


Silent Ringtone best  Features:

It’s quiet, not about size.

Has 10 silent sounds.

The user interface is easy to use.

Organize for ringtones, notifications and contacts.

Set as alarm and timer sound.

PickRingStop Lift To Silence Ringtone Apk.



So let’s enjoy it now.


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