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Dialer Lock App Hider Apk Download

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Dialer Lock App Hider Apk Download:

Dialer Lock App Hider Apk Download.

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Hide apps, hide photos/photos, hide videos, the perfect hyder disguise app.

Advantages of Invisible Caller Lock Apps:
Notes bar info tips, just show the standard calculator icon.

Check phone system settings, app name is calculator (not hyder app)
When checking recent apps, the app name is Dialer Lock (not App Hider)

Dialer Lock can help you to hide any app. And keep your privacy hidden by apps. Haider Gallery.

Application features:

1. Hide all installed apps (No root found)

2. Password protection (when you first need to create a password)

3. Supports hiding any application used on the mobile phone (easy way to hide applications)

4. The hidden application can be used to lock the dialer, as well as use the main interface in the phone.

5. Open the app only the standard calculator, if you don’t know the password dialer lock can’t be used.

6. Hide notification, provide notification in 3 mode All/Only Number/None.

7. Hide apps from recent.
8. Gallery module to hide pictures/photos (protect hidden pictures/images, prevent others from finding them)

9. Add Shortcuts to Hide Camera (Use the built-in Hyder Camera to take private photos)

10. Hide videos and play videos.
How to use dialer lock?

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For first-time startup or in a secure state, a PIN is not required, and the dialer can be locked. Open the application to set the password. Then you can start using the hidden app.

How to hide photos in the recorder lock?
Click on the app interface gallery icon.

How to add the app to the dialer lock?
Click the application button in the hidden display interface, you can see the phone inside the application, select the application to add to the dialer lock application, click the import applications button.

How to delete apps from Dialer Lock app?
Long press on the hidden app in the hidden apps interface, and drag the app to the delete icon to delete the hidden app.

How do you hide photos or videos?
Click on the app interface gallery icon.


Installation outside the application is hidden and Dialer Lock will not copy the original data of the application to the same application in Dialer Lock.

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