Blue Light Filter For Eye Care Apk


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Blue Light Filter For Eye Care Apk.

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Blue light filters to take care and protect your eyes. Prevent eye strain and dry eyes.

Blue light filters to take care and protect your eyes! Blue light, also known as “high energy visible light”, is given off by your smartphone screen and is said to cause eye fatigue, visual impairment and insomnia. Prolonged exposure causes damage to the retina.

This app, blue light filter will adjust screen color to reduce and block blue light and relax your eyes, and works like screen dimmer or screen filter, which leads to eye strain and decreased eyesight.

Features of blue light filter for eye care:

1. Filter/dimmer to protect your eyes:

Turn on the filter to start protecting your eyes! Especially effective when you are staring at your smartphone screen very late and at night.

2. Various modifications

Filter strength / dimmer from 0 to 100.

6 different filters / dim colors to choose from:

Adjust phone opacity and brightness.

Status bar color or add to filter option.

3. Very simple and effective interface:

On/Off is just a click away from running the app.

4. Automatic startup:

Option to start the filter automatically on boot. Either on / off

5. Widget:

Easily turn the filter on/off from the drop down menu.

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